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About American Tree Specialist

There are many reasons to trim trees. Here are some great reasons to trim your trees:
• Maintain good health of the tree
• Trimming branches overhanging your power line & other
• Dead-limbing for personal and property safety
• Thinning deciduous trees for leaf reduction & sun light
• Thinning conifer trees for wind precaution
• Sunlight enhancement
• Trim away from building to protect roof and structure integrity
• Ornamental shaping
• Clean up the appearance of the tree
• Enhance the value of your property
Pruning, using proper arborist practices
Remove limbs that interfere with wires, building facades windows or obstruct streets & sidewalks
Remove diseased or insect-infested limbs
Thinning unnecessary branches
Create better structure to lessen wind resistance and reduce potential storm damage
Improve shape or silhouette
Cabling/Bracing/Lightning Protection
Stump Removal
Clearing low branches that obstruct view lines and grass growth
•Forming trees into aesthetically pleasing shapes
•Eliminating diseased or damaged branches
•Allowing room for new growth
•Reducing potential for storm damage
•Cutting back growth hazards near power lines
Tree pruning is necessary to maintain a safe and beautiful landscape

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Tree Service

I was very lucky this year, we needed a few trees trimmed & one removed. I forgot who we used 2 years ago, they were fast and done a great clean up. I got 3 proposals this time and the first one was the lady from American Tree Specialist when I seen her get out of her car I new this was the company I used before. Jer-ree gave me a great price, and
the guys did a great job. I will not forget your company this time. Thanks Wichita Mrs peters


Tree service

I got 3 estimates as usual before hiring any company. We decided to go with
American Tree Specialist, my husband couldn't believe the great prices, but most of all they
did exactly what they said they would do, the pin oak they removed was huge, overhanging the garage
and shed & arbor, and left our property looking great.
Thanks guys for a job well done. My friends will be calling.
Carol & Mike King


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American Tree Specialist Blog

Tree Trimming is an Art

With the recent storms there was alot of damage to tree, There are also people trimming on these trees that don't have the skills it takes to shape a tree the way a Licensed pofessional does Its jusst a quit cash thing for them and your going to pay more in the long run by highering them. So save now pay more later you are smart people Wichita you decide. READ MORE Posted April 09, 2015 at 01:13 PM

American Tree Specialist Products

Tree Removal, Trimming, Deadwoodin, Line Clearing, Lot Clearing, Stump Grinding

Tree Removal, Trimming, Deadwoodin, Line Clearing, Lot Clearing, Stump Grinding

We are a full service tree company that goes a step above the rest. We make sure your job in comp... More

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