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BeLine, Locks and CCTV

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About BeLine, Locks and CCTV

All card access and new generation fingerprint systems for entry and time and attendance. Cardlocks for hotels, commercial buildings and campuses. One card systems for point of sale systems, identification and entry systems for schools. BeLine also integrates IT network systems to operate simultaneously yet separately with PC's on an office netowrk. BeLine also offers CCTV.

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Reviews about BeLine, Locks and CCTV


My One and Only Review

I had to write this review because BeLine came to my rescue. Thank you Anthony. He was great. I installed a new lock system not too long ago and it never worked 100%. Not even 70% of the time. Maybe 50% of the time it did. I needed a quick installation. Anthony from BeLine gave me a great deal and they arrived quick. Thanks for taking the weight off my shoulders.


Very Satisfied

I was very hesitant to buy these locks because there are multitudes of terrible locks. I visited their office and saw the actual lock assembly. Although there was a little bit of a wait because I only have an 85 unit property, installation went ok. The locks are working which is a good feeling. My older locks were a nightmare everyday. The previous lock company made me a fool and promised their low price didn't reflect their quality. I'm glad I found BeLine.


Exceeds my expectations

First of all, I don't write reviews just because somebody asked me to, let alone sign up for an account on merchant circle to write it first. Even if i was just plain happy I wouldn't write a review. I expect door locks to work. I shouldn't be surprised they worked. The reason why I'm writing this is because BeLine's product is exceptional. Everything about the RF1600 went beyond my expectations. I feel great about my investment on my BeLine locks. Prior to using BeLine I was using a terrible knock off brand which I'm too embarrassed to mention the name. I'm a cheap guy but wow was I being really cheap in the past.

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Photos for BeLine, Locks and CCTV

RF Card Reader Lock, Commerical Design by BeLine, Locks and CCTV

RF Card Reader Lock, Commerical Design

solar_panel by BeLine, Locks and CCTV


RF1500N by BeLine, Locks and CCTV


Description: RFID door lock with TCP/IP network with full control

Tags: rfid door lock tcp ip
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BELINE Logo by BeLine, Locks and CCTV


Description: Cardlocks, RFID locks, CCTV

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RF-8 RFID Door Lock by BeLine, Locks and CCTV

RF-8 RFID Door Lock

Description: RF8 RFID Door Lock with Single Latch Option

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BELINE_NEW_LOGO_2X3 by BeLine, Locks and CCTV


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BeLine, Locks and CCTV Blog

RFID Door Lock with Standard Single Latch Option

July 2, 2009 BeLine introduces the new RF8 RFID door lock with single latch option.  The RF8 eliminates specialized installations of cutting a full mortise pocket on doors.  The RF8 uses a standard single latch that's used on the majority of locks in doors today.  By using the single latch, there is no cutting to the door, just simply install and mount the RF8.  For those that still require the extreme heavy duty mortise, it is still available on the RF8.  The ability... READ MORE Posted July 02, 2009 at 10:59 AM

RFID Door Lock With TCP/IP Network Control

Today July 1, 2009, BeLine officially opens the gates for sale on the RF1500N.  The RF1500N is BeLine's response to the growing need for the public's request for intelligent RFID door locks with full control through a TCP/IP network.  A special feature of the RF1500N is the use of P.O.E. (Power Over Ethernet).  With Power Over Ethernet the RF1500N is continuously powered, which can be a power consuming demand when TCP/IP network capability is involved.  BeLine solved this ... READ MORE Posted July 02, 2009 at 10:57 AM

BeLine Releases the RF1500N TCP/IP Door Lock with Power Over Ethernet

BeLine releases the RF1500N, one of the industry's first network TCP/IP door lock that provides unlimited control and monitoring possibilities.  The RF1500N also implements the new P.O.E. technology to power the lock.  P.O.E., Power Over Ethernet is a simple way to provide voltage to lower power devices that use TCP/IP.  P.O.E. eliminates the need for additional wire and power supply.  The RF1500N is ideal for campus dormitories, hospitals, business buildings and hotels. V... READ MORE Posted June 25, 2009 at 03:56 PM
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Messages for BeLine, Locks and CCTV

I have a small 24/7 gym and looking to change from Keys to some sort of card lock. I really have no idea what I need, Would you please tell me my options? I need only two locks

By Rai Beavers on November 11, 2009

Thank you for connecting with Baptist Health Systems Bariatric Center of Excellence!

By Baptist Health Systems Bariatric Center on October 13, 2008

Hi BeLine. I just left a review. So far so good. If your installers need a place to stay while on the road call me. We can trade for some services.

By Vishall Yeldandi on September 27, 2008

Vishall, thanks. We'll be sure to call you if we're close by one of your properties.

September 29, 2008
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