Crossroad Pawn Shop

Crossroad Pawn Shop

34.013278 -84.549897
HOURS: Sun Closed
PAYMENT: ATM/Debit, American Express, Mastercard, Visa

About Crossroad Pawn Shop

Guns, Gold, Silver, Electronics, Tools, and much more! We buy, sell, trade, repair, and pawn. We give top dollar for your stuff! We buy gold and offer the most money guarantee! We treat all customers and their items with respect! Come by and visit us today!
In a bind..have piece of mind, visit Crossroad Pawn today!
We are located at the intersection of Bells Ferry, Barrett Pkwy, and Piedmont Rd

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Arlene Goggins


The Best Pawn in town. Clean, friendly and very knowledgeable. I will go to this Pawn Shop. Way To Go Man.


Nice Guns, Nice Pawn Shop

Crossroad Pawn is a nice pawn shop with a large selection of guns. I enjoy visiting this pawn shop in Marietta often.


Big review, little pawn

I wanted to do a review on this pawn shop. It is not the largest pawn shop I have ever seen but not the smallest either. It is a great pawn shop with such a great selection for its size. When they say they give top dollar they are not lying. I got the best offer I had all day on my jewlery. I walked around the store, noticed how clean and tidy everything was, and everyones friendly attitude made it even better. By far the best pawn shop experience I have ever had!


nice pawn shop

I enjoyed visiting Crossroad Pawn. I got great money on my x-box 360. I ended up buying an ipad for my daughters graduation present. I got a great deal on that! The pawn shop was very clean and organized and the owner was very kind. Overall great experience!



Went to Crossroad Pawn and it will be the only Pawn Shop I go to. Bought some tools that I needed for a good price. The place was clean and much nicer than most pawn shops.


Crossroad Pawn A+

There has been a lot of hype about this pawn shop. I visited today and I have to say it lives up to all the great things I have been hearing! Good job guys!


Best Pawn Shop

I went to Crossroad Pawn today to check it out. They had all kinds of things that interest me. Very large selection and very nice stuff. Since it was their grand opening there was a lot of people in the store and I was able to hear how much the owner was paying for things. He offered great prices and he was a nice guy. I went back for the second time that day and pawned some items I had laying around the house. This pawn shop is really nice! Just wanted to share.



Took my gold to Crossroad Pawn and got the best gold offer that I ever got. I will tell everyone to take their gold to Crossroad Pawn! Thanks Crossroad Pawn!


great selection and prices

Wanted to let you all know that Crossroads Pawn is a new pawn shop in Marietta that you should go to! Everyone was nice, the place was clean, everything was priced great, and for a new pawn shop there was a lot of selection. Enjoyed visiting and will go back!


Great Pawn Shop

Great Pawn Shop! I will visit again soon.


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Thanks for the connection! If you need any travel help or advice, please get in touch! -- KD

By Alcatraz Media and Reserve123 on July 27, 2011

I will thank you! If you know anyone wanting to sell gold we pay the highest amount around! Also me and my wife have been wanting to take a cruise so i will keep in touch. Have a great day!

September 22, 2011
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