Designer-Jewelry, Wholesale Jewelry for Resale

Designer-Jewelry, Wholesale Jewelry for Resale

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We sell wholesle Designer Jewerly at below wholesale for resale, including Swarovski Austrian Crystal, Fashion & Costume Jewellery, watches, colonge, DG sunglasses and .925 sterling silver. We have a huge inventory ready to ship. We offer discounted UPS rates. 30 years in business, 15 plus years on web - your cost is as low as 80% off.

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Offer free gift wrapping for all purchases over a certain dollar amount See our lovely Boxes to make this very simple for you. Make it easy to shop for your customers and make sales. People are busy and need your help.


Wholeslae Jewelry

Good quality merchandise, fair pricing


Great High End Jewelry

Beautiful Jewelry at the best prices. Highest Quality. Huge Collection of MX Signature Collection

Mary Jane

Good People

Great products, low prices. Nice people. In business a lot time

Newt, Inc -

Happy to be of service!

We have been working with Designer-jewelry for almost 10 years now and they are a great company to work with. We developed an ecommerce system for them and constantly improving the site for their customers. Take a look:


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$50.00 Gift Cert. with 1st order at

By Sue on June 01, 2012
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