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HOURS: 8:30 to 5:00 Mon thru sat evenings by appointment
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BBB, Dog and Cat Grooming, Flea Control & Skin Care Specialists, Member of The National Dog Groomers Assoc, No Tranquilizers

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jan wilson

we won

Royal dutch dog & cat grooming was just informed that we won three gold medals and a bronze from the readers choice awards this year. Our entire staff is very greatfull and pleased by your support. Our mission statement to always give more than is expected is paying off. Thank you again we are truley thankful and will continue to take care of all your babies as if they were our own. Thank you


Royal Dutch--The Best

I have a dog that was rescued from a puppymill. Although I have owned him for 3 1/2 years, he still has fear issues. I LOVE Royal Dutch because I can stop in when I want and they will clip his nails immediately--no appointmnt necessary. That really helps me with his anxiety issues. Thanks Royal Dutch.

jan wilson

web address

www.Royal Dutch is a wonderful web site. Check it out!!!!


what a great place

what a wonderful place. Its like taking my dog to a doggie beauty parlor!


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