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Before creating CaMu Financial & Insurance Services, Inc., Dr. Rafeek Mikhail recognized a need for several key monetary services within the larger communities around him. For instance, he realized many financial counselors do not take enough responsibility for the welfare of their clients. Dr. Mikhail believes that an advisor holds direct responsibility for maintaining each client’s livelihood, and that compromising a client’s savings or retirement funds is unacceptable. He founded CaMu Financial to provide individuals with the same uncompromising, reliable, loyal financial advice that he wants his own family to receive.

As founder and Chief Executive Officer of CaMu Financial, Dr. Rafeek Mikhail continues to provide many specific financial services to a range of customers. For instance, CaMu Financial assists clients in negotiating estate taxes in a way that preserves as much of an original inheritance as possible. The firm also focuses on protecting retirement funds from most income tax expenses. In launching CaMu Financial, Dr. Rafeek Mikhail also aimed to provide comprehensive support to each member of a family, regardless of age.

CaMu Financial’s team focuses on creating and sustaining savings accounts for clients’ children, so they begin to secure their economic futures from a young age. CaMu Financial’s staff sets up most of these accounts to provide security while keeping the funds accessible for any need that might arise. Since the company’s founding in 2006, CaMu Financial has operated out of Santa Clarita, California. CaMu Financial’s personnel may be reached at 877-368-6464 and 661-977-3371. In addition, inquiries can be sent via e-mail to

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Great Experience.

I am married with 3 kids and need to make sure, my family is protected. It starts with insurance. I have been with CaMu Financial


Thank you!

CaMu Financial



These guys are the best. I needed life and estate planning and the CaMu Financial

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