Friends & Neighbors of the SoHum Community Park & Tooby Memorial Park

Friends & Neighbors of the SoHum Community Park & Tooby Memorial Park Friends & Neighbors of the SoHum Community Park & Tooby Memorial Park
PO Box 580 Garberville, CA 95542


Friends and Neighbors of the SoHum Community Park and Tooby Memorial Park are advocating protection of this Native Cultural Land, Enhancement of the Parks historical agricultural soils, Stewardship of the South Fork of the Eel River watershed to preserve its Environmental & Wildlife habitat.

We must demand that our seventh generation have the same range of possibilities for their Earth as we have for ours. Too many times, we don’t question the negative, often malicious consequences of our greed. While progress should never come to a halt, there are many places it should never come to at all.

We are concerned about the wildlife habitat and South Fork Eel watershed eco-systems that will be effected by the Park Boards proposed projects, i.e. loss of habitat and territory; loss of food supply; behavioral changes in mating predation and migration; and changes in nocturnal and interspecies relationships, altered predator-prey balance, increased competition for food and shelter.

Every generation choose's a path, it's own responsibility of teaching our childeren the right path. One of which is harmonious with earth and all of existence.

Treat the earth well. it was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your childeren. We Do Not inherit the Earth.

What's needed is a Community elected Park Board of Directors, by an community membership, open to the public, not a private one for another 10 years!

General Goals:

• Provide the public with the necessary knowledge, education and legal tools to protect this land and our river. Help preserve the history and culture of the Wailaki Native People. Help educate and share what the native people of this land endured and lost in the past 160 years.

• Facilitate an appropriate public response to bring about necessary reform and change to the Park Board Directors policy for open public meetings, open decision making processes, open public Board elections and membership with voting rights. Rewrite the bylaws for protection of wildlife habitat

• Hold all Park Board of Directors accountable for upholding the public's trust and 501c3 responsibilities as stewards to all beneficial land uses within this unique Park property.

• Foster land and farming management techniques that enhance agricultural and environmental value of the land and river as well as economic value for all neighboring property owners.

Specific Objectives:

• Ensure that land use practices in the Southern Humboldt Community Park comply with all applicable statues in Humboldt County for land use, California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), the Endangered Species Act, and the Clean Water Act.

• Educate and provide information to our community, the public and media of the Parks Boards improper land use practices and activities, mismanagement of public funds and public trust, the degrading effects of instream gravel extraction, Rock Quarry practices, water diversions & impoundments and developments with no understanding of the Parks ecosystems and how they function.

• Affirm that all leased land activities relating to the South Fork of the Eel River reflect the same spirit of the State and National Wild & Scenic River Acts and Fish Habitat.

We are concerned about the 80+ acres of Park land, being leased for Commercial Instream Gravel Extraction, Shale Rock Quarry/Strip Mining, and Cement Ready Mix Operations. This heavy industrial private enterprise occurs directly within the banks and proximity of the South Fork of the Eel River and causes significant degrading adverse effects to this Wild & Scenic River corridor, along with its threatened & endangered Coho, Chinook and Steelhead. And now the River bars are proposed to be used as parking lots for large concert & festival events at the Park at there instream gravel extraction locations.

We are all members of the Community cited in the Park's name and many of us are neighboring property owners of the Park. The Park Board's commercial concert events will impact the documented cultural sites for Wailaki Native People, our neighborhood with unwanted noise, traffic congestion, more noise, risk of delayed response by emergency vehicles to those of us who need medical care or fire protection services during planned big crowd events and using prime ag soils for Event Parking Lots..

We are concerned that the Park Board will turn our Wild & Scenic South Fork Eel River into a BIG parking lot and camping site below ordinary high water!

We have never been openly informed of the Park's planning requests to County Planning nor have we been solicited by the Park Board for our input on the Park's future development. Many of us were donors to the purchase of the Park and many of us attended the initial planning meetings where we made it clear that we supported the Park as agriculturally-zoned open space to be used in a low impact way.
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