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home energy inspection

Mark did an energy inspection on my home. Not only did he find things I suspected needed improving (and more) but he explained what and where I could do things myself to close up air leaks in the house. He also provided names of companies he felt were reliable to do larger insulation projects. I felt it was money well invested to save on fuel costs.

Maynard Schneider

Energy Audit

Mark's work in conducting our energy audit was outstanding. This is a complicated business, and Mark left no stone unturned in explaining what he was going to do, in answering our endless questions patiently and thoroughly, and in providing detail upon detail, giving more time to that explanation than probably was necessary. His infrared report clearly identified those areas where cold air was entering our house and specifically illustrated the problems. His fee was very reasonable, given the extra attention he provided to us personally. In addition, Mark give our condo association members a three-hour presentation and patiently answered question after question. That extra time was given without fee and was certainly appreciated.

John Wack

Home Inspection and Evauluation

I was very pleased with Mark's professional evaluation of my home's energy consumption. He was professional, honest and upfront with the details of his inspection. He educated me about what my needs were. He walked me through his process and I felt I could trust him. After completing his recommendations of sealing all my can lights and additional insulation and basement insulation he returned and re-evalutated the work. I was very pleased with his company and would highly recommend it to others.

Kristine Coughlin

Grading spaces...

Mark was very professional and honest when testing our home for air loss. He responded to all of our questions by phone or email.

Joyce Overeem

Energy Evaluation

The team came in,and was very professional about what they did. The asked me questions, and I asked questions, and they explained everything very clear. I found out some things about our house that really shocked me. Very informative.
They are very friendly and left the area clean when they left.
Price was reasonable. report they send you is VERY informative.
Job well done, keep up the good work

John Herbst

Home energy assessment

Mark Furst with Grading Spaces was very helpful in showing me how he set-up the blower door test to check for leaks in the structure of my house to outside, and how to substantively address these issues to increase the energy efficiency of my home.
I've since gotten a high efficiency gas furnace and already noticed substantial savings and comfort as a result.
This year I'll be getting foam panel insulation and cellulose blow-in to increase overall energy conservation in the house, and am replacing a leaky gas water heater with a new energy saving high EER model, in conjunction with a solar energy hot water heater.
I'll also get attic insulation and added blow-in insulation, and expandable foam in the basement. Next, I'll be getting pole-mount, dual tracking PV panels with excess power fed back to my meter, and my utility will PAY ME for my excess electricity.
All this as a result of Grading Spaces report/recommendations, and I even got Focus on Energy
rewards and Fed Tax credits!

Wayne Klamik

Great Service

We originally signed up for an estimate at the NARI home remodeling show. We were impressed with Mark's professionlism and knowledge at the time of the estimate in our home. He thoroughly covered everything that needed to be done and how Grading Spaces would accomplish it and the cost involved. We felt the cost was competitive. When it came time for the work to be done the crew arrived on time, finished the work in a timely and professional manner and didn't hesitate to answer all our questions. After completion every was cleaned up to our satisfaction.


Top notch inspector

Mark is extremely professional and detailed in his reviews, yet explains it all very well to those not versed in construction and energy efficiency terminology. Additionally, he's a nice person that makes you very comfortable while he's inspecting your home. We used Mark for an energy efficiency audit and ended up getting a good amount back from the Focus on Energy program. I have recommended him to others in the past and wouldn't hesitate to do it again.

Nicole B

Worth Every Penny

Mark not only did an outstanding job on our energy audit, he has also been a valuable resource ever since, answering our questions as we move forward with efficiency improvements. Mark goes above & beyond because he's genuinely excited to help people reduce their energy consumption. We've sent at least 2 friends to him already and will continue to recommend him. Also, between incentives and energy savings, the audit has already paid for itself at least once over.

Richard Mortimer

Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

Mark Furst of Grading Spaces did a great job of evaluating our 120 year old home to help us figure out how to make it more energy efficient. We have an odd situation with the construction of our home and he conducted quite a bit of research trying to find a good solution for us. He pointed out a lot of issues I can work on myself, and helped me figure out the best issues to leave to the professionals. I have and will continue to recommend him to others. He did a great job.


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