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my in home service

Great rate on my in home service. I called to have my system checked out, it was running really slow, G.B. Computer Solutions came out, found that I had a few nasty viruses, cleaned them out, and even set me up with fee anti virus, all for under what Geek Squad wanted to even get in their car! Totally happy, thanks, guys!

By Tina S. at

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Tom Macinlaw

great job!

Call to have my computer checked out becasue is was running really slow, and they were able to get me back up to speed. Now I don't feel like throwing it out the window! lol I highly suggest them to anyone with a computer problem! He came out and looked at it for free and told me exactly what was causing the problems, I had a couple viruses :( and we also upgraded my ram for good measure. Then he went through my programs with me and helped me get some things sorted out and was really nice.


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