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Islamic Marketplace

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33.5519 -112.116939
HOURS: Mon - Sat Closed
PAYMENT: Mastercard, Visa
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About Islamic Marketplace

Islamic Clothing including Long skirts, trendy tunics. Scarves of all KINDS including Pashminas at unbelievable prices. Black soaps, imported oils and perfumes. Imported Moroccan Wedding/Party Dresses. One of a kind! Come check us out! Everyone welcome!

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RE this Amanda post

funny how you use the words "to white" this shop was owned by an american sister who is as white as it gets. Sorry you could not find something CHEAP.. If you are having hard times and are not having the money to buy cloths then you can go to 1818 n 32ns st phx az 85008 and pick out some FREE islamic dresses. lots of cloths for the poor.
As far as the Islamic market Place being closes it is so sad now we have to shop online and guess what size to buy.

Latifa Abdul-Mutakallim


ASA, I need your phone number so I can pay my balance. I will check my email for your reply. Please call if u still have my phone number. THANKS


Snooty and Biased

I have been trying to find a place to get the correct Mosque attire to learn Islam for a while. Honestly, this stuff is overpriced and the people running this place act like they are better than you are. They are rude, snotty, and if you are "too white" you are scum to them. They acted like I was in their way the whole time. I'm sorry "you people" found it inconvenient someone was willing to learn Islam even through the pain of a recent surgery. Never again will I go here and I will make sure all of my Muslim brothers and sisters are aware of the horrible attitudes and poor promotion of Islam this place is.

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Messages for Islamic Marketplace

Excuse me are you guys open and do you sell throbes

By Anonymous on October 06, 2014

my name is Aryelle, i am a student taking world religions and will be going to mosque for the first time. i have nothing to wear. if you could, can i have some pictures or a catalog of your stocks?

By Aryelle Andreani on November 24, 2010

Do you still have picture frames?

By Sweety on October 18, 2010
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