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tracy jameson

Very nice

We have used several floor company's trying to save money.
They all let us down. With Quality you get exactly what you want.
They go above and beyond to help with anything concerning wood floors.

greg burns

Work of art

Being an artist I appreciate the fine workmanship we received
from Quality Floor Co.

Jean Morris

The best wooden floors available

These guys don't scrimp on quality, but you do pay a little extra. I went around town trying to find somebody who could do an intricate floor in the colors of walnut I wanted and they won me over. And it's a beautiful floor, everybody says so.

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We left our house in Quality Floors hands while we were on vacation to install our new wood flooring. We came home and it was unbelievably beautiful, clean, exactly as they promised. Like a dream.

By Jim on November 07, 2010
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